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Regina, SK

Locally owned and operated

Regina, SK

Locally owned and operated

Customer Reviews

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Read our customer reviews: Our clients drive us to succeed

Of course we love the services our maids perform, but so do our customers. Take a look below to see what a few people have shared about their experience with us!

“I just wanted to send a message to say I appreciated the good job of cleaning done by Carol and partner at my house on Dec 30th. I always appreciate people who care about their work.”

– Gwen

“Thank you so much today for sending Yoko. She did a thorough and excellent job and we could not be happier. If you are hiring new I would recommend they be assigned to her for training.”

– Carole

“Once again the team of Brandy and Yokozuna’s did a fabulous job today. Thanks so much.”

– John

“Thanks for cleaning my place. It looks good.”

– Ray

“It was another excellent clean this morning. Yoko and Brianna had to work around a toilet seat replacement but neither batted an eye. Thank them for me. “

– John

Terry and his partner Stephanie did an amazing job today. Everything shines and is super clean.

– Jill

“As usual Yoko and Pamela did an extremely through and fine job of cleaning my house this morning. Another great team and asset to the Merry Maids!”

– John

“I meant to send you a note about the team that cleaning my home last Thursday. They did a very good job and I appreciate their quality efforts!”

– Blair

“Please thank Carol and Olivia for me. Once again, I’m living in a brand new house!!”

– John

“Thank you. Your team did a great job last visit.”


“Please thank Carol for me for doing such an exemplary job in my home this morning. Her attention to detail and the extras she does are amazing. Everything glistens.”

– John

“Yoko is an amazing cleaner!! Please extend my thanks to her.”

– John

“The ladies did a great job yesterday –as always! Thanks for the calendar.”

– Jill

“Please thank Yoko and Hema for me for such a thorough job of cleaning this morning. I was out shopping longer than I had anticipated so was not home when they left. It was so pleasant to come home to such a gleaming house.”

– John

“We were pleased with your services! Carmen and Yoko did a great job on Friday! Shower sparkled! Thanks girls!”

– Liz

“I haven’t had time since last Thursday to drop a note to say that Brandy and Yoko did their usual extra fine cleaning job. I had four dinner guests the next day (Friday) who were totally impressed with the clean state of my home. I guess they think men aren’t good housekeepers, and in my case they’re right! I did tell the truth and credit the Merry Maids for its cleanliness. I’d also like to thank the Merry Maids for the thoughtful and generous Christmas gifts. That’s so nice of you all.”

– John

“Carole and Olivia were the team that cleaned my house last Monday. I just wanted to tell you what a great job they did for us. They worked very hard and got into every corner possible, even though we still have piles of things stacked up in the living room and dining room, mudroom, and even the kitchen! I am so grateful to these ladies for doing such a superlative job in helping us get pastthe drywall dust and hairy bits that shed from the new carpet. There was nary a speck of either when they left. I did mention to the ladies how impressed I was butwould appreciate it if you would further communicate our great appreciation to them.”

Nonnee and John

“Thanks so much for a lovely job done by the girls today! It is fabulous! Greatly appreciate it!”

– Val

“Just a quick note to commend Brandy and Lana for yet another superb job. In addition to their being so pleasant and personable and efficient, they always seem to go above and beyond the regular clean doing so many extras. What an exemplary team.”

– John

“My move out clean was just amazing. I am blown away on how clean the bathroom came. Well done Merry Maids”

– Carol

“The cleaners at Merry Maids are detail-oriented and have always done a thorough job on our home. Jackie is also great to deal with, and it is evident she really takes pride in running an efficient, professional cleaning service.”

– Nirvani

“The ladies do a good job.”

– Mrs. F

“The ladies are very dependable, and reliable. I like that I come home to a clean house and don’t have to worry about anything.”

– Kristen

“Very thorough cleaning service. Attention to quality with supervisor inspection. Team is very friendly and professional”

– Yvonne

“I love the cinnamon smell when they leave”

– Lawrance

“The employees are professional, polite and do a wonderful job”

– Marleen

“House is clean and doesn’t smell like cleaning products like pine sol or mr. Clean.”

– Leslie

“The service was reliable and made my life simpler.”

– Aaron

“The women are thorough in their cleaning as well as friendly and polite. The products they use are eco friendly which is important to some people “

– Ilse

“I like the reminder call and time notice the day before. I find the staff very friendly and I feel comfortable when they are in my home. I like the product they use in the bathroom, it gives the sink, bathtub,etc. a nice shine and texture.”

– Phyllis

“Prompt, thorough and easy to communicate with”

– Chassity Urban Massage

“Service is flexible and personal, very customer focused. Love that they use green products and they go above and beyond in their assistance of the client.”

– Jennifer

“I like that there are no overpowering smells of cleaning products and that all the products are environmentally friendly.”

– Nita

“The gals are great. Pleasant, polite and work hard for their money. Nice to see all the dirt and grime gone when you come home after work. Thank you ladies for your time and effort.”

– Lisa

“The ladies were very professional and did a very nice job. Attention to detail was evident.”

– Amy

“They work! Smells nice too. Everything is very clean and stays that way for a while. Seems to have a dust repellant.”

– Jennifer

I am so happy with my clean and have no idea how to do a review but Faith and Mandy were amazing. Kind professional and did such a fantastic job! Please tell someone. I am injured and unable to do much. They whipped my house into shape! I am so comfortable now. Thank you!

Lory Neumann

“I like it that the girls are reliable and always on time. One of the best features is that each week they do one or two extra chores which end up being the tasks that I really dislike doing. Thanks, girls. I appreciate your help and effort.”

– Peggy

“The staff were friendly, polite & accommodating and did a thorough job.”

– Nancy

Very professional and dependable staff. Excellent work…..very accommodating.

– Carolyn

“The staff from Merry Maids are always on time to our home. They are courteous in manner and are always completely focused on their job while at our home. My husband and I really enjoy the extra time we have since hiring Merry Maids. The staff do a thorough job of cleaning and the office staff are always accommodating and professional. We have the same staff person clean our home much of the time and we really appreciate her attention to detail. Overall we are very pleased. “

– Gwen

“Tatiane and Nia do great work. Jackie and Heather are a pleasure to communicate with before and after cleanings.”

– Valerie

“They were thorough and nice.”

– Liette

“Very pleased with the service provided! The girls were punctual and went above and beyond to make the home clean. My hardwood floors never looked so good.”

– Donna

“Merry Maids I find is a very professional organization. The Personnel are friendly well-dressed and on time. The management is very easy to deal with in situations where any difficulty may arise or wishing to have a date change.”

– Arthur

“Staff are through, home smells fresh, no cloths for me to wash.”

– Judy

“Shianne is very thorough friendly and efficient! Thanks very much!”

– Stan

“Always a professional job. When we arrive home the house is always sparkling & smells good”

– Gilles

“Your employees are the BEST. SO thorough, the clean is wonderful and complete every time. Best cleaners I’ve ever had, and best value for the price.”

– Erin

“They always confirm what is my priority that day for them to do.”

– Bonnie

“Great service and does a great job!”

– Gabe

“In the past you use to do a few extras each week like baseboards, or clean drawers etc. It would be nice if the time was the same time every week.”

– Pam

“We have a fabulous girl who is scheduled to clean our home (Tina). She does a great job. I love that she makes the beds and chooses a different area each time to pay special attention to!”

– Kristine

“We are very happy with our cleaning. The little extras are so noticeable. Tina is doing a great job.”

– Marilyn

“Very efficient, come on time and do an excellent job. I also like that you bring your own equipment and products. Dog-friendly as well.”

– Anne

“I really like the people you send and they do a great job!”

– Janet

“Excellent job cleaning my apartment. Show up every two weeks as scheduled and are quick and efficient.”

– Bruce

“Love the thoroughness and consistency of stellar service!”

– Carla

“I love coming home to such a beautifully cleaned home. Great job”

– Kristin

“Great attention to detail, thanks!”

– Diana

“I love coming home to a freshly cleaned, good smelling home. The note that is left indicating the areas that were focused on is a nice touch!”

– Samantha

“The service was superior. They were fast and efficient. The walls looked so bright and clean. The house smelled fresh.”

– Diana

“I love coming home to a clean house. These ladies are just fantastic.”

– J.D.

“Great job Merry Maids, as always! Big or small clean, you get it done well!”

– Cam

“I will give a 4.5. Always happy when they come. The ladies are hard workers and show pride in their work. Thank you for your much-needed help in keeping my life in order. Our house and pets are not an easy clean.”

– Ann

“Love you guys ‘er ladies! We have been longtime customers and you never disappoint. Couple of our fave things is putting two rooms on special attention and you are always good to our dog!”

– Sherri

“I have used Merry Maids for 2 years and LOVE them!!!! They are very professional and always leave my home sparkling clean. I especially love the environmental cleaning products and the little special extras the girls always do…..They are simply the best and we have used a few companies!! A+”

– Donna

“I am so impressed with the work ethic and the house hasn’t been this clean in a while. The attention to detail is very impressive. The cleaning was thorough and the products used are top-notch. My cupboards are spotless which is something I was struggling with. The hardwood floors and the granite are so shiny and clean. After just one cleaning, I already see a remarkable difference. I would happily and confidently recommend Merry Maids.”

– John

“An excellent job always. Personal touch with the note. My place always smells great. You bring your own equipment and supplies. 

– Anne

“Merry Maids is an incredible well-run cleaning company by Jackie and her team. Merry Maids has cleaned our home every second Wednesday for the past year. They will continue to clean our home because of the services they provide and the exceptional attention to detail. We look forward to having our home cleaned in two weeks. We would absolutely recommend their service! Many Thanks!”

– John

“The attention to detail with Merry Maids is amazing. We have been using them for years and my coming home after a cleaning feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. They don’t forget any little detail! Even down to organizing the books on my kids bookshelves! The staff are amazing and so friendly. Feels like we’ve known them forever.”

– Steph

“Love your vacuum. The office staff are very accommodating, organized and efficient.”

– Anneliese

“They did a fantastic job! They always do! We have had them clean some of our properties and our home for years and they are very very good!”

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